7 Common Sense Factors to Implement and Maintain a Successful Indirect Workforce Program

by Sheila Porcelli, National Sales Director at HireGenics, Inc.

Note from the Editor-in-Chief: Sheila Porcelli has been working with large customers since 2000 in various high-level capacities to help them define, develop, and deploy global indirect labor strategies and solutions.  Sheila’s experience includes in-depth knowledge of leading industry technology platforms, staffing sales, and payrolling expertise.  In addition, she has worked with customers across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, manufacturing and service.   

 Many factors and decision points are involved when an organization decides to implement an Indirect Workforce Management Program (“Program”).  Although various definitions of a Program exist, it is generally understood to mean a formalized process for acquisition of contingent labor utilizing a dedicated team of talent acquisition or procurement specialists supported by a vendor management technology platform and a defined supplier network.

To develop a successful Program, an organization needs to be thorough.  Following are 7 critical tasks:

  1. Assign a strong and experienced procurement professional to oversee implementation and launch.
  1. Secure executive sponsorship.
  1. Identify all of the potential internal stakeholders and bring them into the process.
  1. Design a communication plan which describes, in clear terms, the benefits of the Program and the internal process changes the Program will require.

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